An unfinished ink drawing of Clapham Junction

An unfinished ink drawing of Clapham Junction

The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane - Now on Sale!

I have put up on my Etsy account a copy of The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane - book and promotional poster. If you haven’t heard about it, The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane is a poem written by Bess Rogers and Allie Moss. Allie Moss asked me to illustrate it a while ago when I was working on her album, and I have been reluctant to sell them as I only have 20 copies. However I feel they are taking up room in my small flat and I should let them go on to a new home. So if you feel you would like to buy an A1 RISO spot-print poster, the original laser-cut MDF book complete with 28 laserprint 300gsm pages, or indeed both of them, you can do via my Etsy account NOW.

Alternatively you can go onto David Ryan Robinson .com and click “Shop”.



For clearer illustrations, CLICK HERE

In the Guardian Guide today - 28th May

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Today I had my first editorial illustration in the Guardian (more specifically The Guardian Guide - Manchester International Festival)

For anyone reading this today, go out and buy one! For everyone else, here’s a photograph:

Everybody seems to love Tumblr…

So I have decided to continue this blog too.  For all of you Tumblr folk!  I will update with everything from my previous blog, then every time I update HERE, I will update here too!  So, here goes…

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New website finally up and running!

It’s been such a busy couple of weeks. Inbetween working for the Guardian and the release of Allie Moss’ album, I have finally updated my website! So here it is at last! Please check it out :)